Grab the Steering Wheel and Drive Continuous Content Deployment

Create. Review. Publish. Repeat.
Marshall Rollins
sept 19,2015
‘Ongoing content deployment’ is distinguished as one of the top trends for content marketing in 2015. Content is essential to creating engagement with prospects, customers, fans, and ‘users’ as well as facilitating in-bound marketing and lead generation. But what happens when your content gets stale, or becomes irrelevant? So too does your content site. To avoid the traditional pitfalls of content marketing, Design Reactor has created a custom Content Management System that allows for continuous content deployment.

Content marketing encompasses techniques and tactics to fulfill business and group objectives by leveraging custom content across the customer experience journey that attracts the attention of employees, new and existing customers, and the general public in real-time. Our continuous content deployment model ultimately gives the power of the editorial process into the hands of the team members that matter most- content experts.

The efficacy of our custom CMS tools stems from core functionality and allows key personnel to distribute stimulating, relevant and engaging stories to the target audience. Every user can easily manage roles, permissions, create and manage content with intuitive, easy to use publishing tools and form fields. Aside from the user interface, a content management system should be greatly supported by a content deployment model that is powerful and repeatable creating the pathways for continuous content deployment.

Proper Planning A self-publishing process allows business groups to be efficient. All business groups should establish and maintain an ongoing content marketing strategy and governance procedures that effortlessly enable an integrated approach to content creation and content deployment. We encourage business groups to drive engagement levels through an interface that allows users to quickly access, search, view, and interact with multimedia content.

Content Creation The goal of all content creation should be to generate stories that are engage, inform, and motivate the readers. Our CMS model provides self-guiding tools that allow content creators, PR professionals, and administrators the ability to create, manage, and distribute variable types of content and media seamlessly allowing them to focus less on logistics and more on creativity. We also find it pivotal to allow these managers the ability to manage other important aspects of the digital experience outside of content, including graphics, promotional material, hierarchical organization, tagging, sharing, live video streaming events etc. to provide additional marketing power.

Our user-friendly CMS system gives power back to editorial team by providing easy to use features for posting new content items such as:
  • Blogs User commentary on a particular subject or issue
  • Case Studies Exploratory analysis of a single topic
  • Press Releases Newsworthy communication
  • Featured Articles Human interest stories
  • Videos Capturing moving video images
  • Other Supplemental types of multi-media such as Infographic and SlideShare technology

Case Study: Avaya Sponsorships

In support of Avaya’s Global Sponsorship program, we worked with Avaya’s strategic marketing group to create an informative and captivating space for prospective candidates, business groups, and the general population to learn more about Avaya’s ongoing sponsorship engagements. The sponsorship microsite showcases the latest and greatest sponsorship engagements across the news, press, internal coms, and other popular media sources.
We applied our content marketing methodology to align Avaya’s business objectives that ties into the strategy of continuous content deployment to stay relevant with Avaya sponsorship activities and engagements.

Progressive SEO All content marketing models require a clearly laid out SEO plan. While every strategy is unique to the business group’s objectives, it is critical to incorporate SEO best practices in order to be effective as a content marketing publisher. The consistent and ongoing creation of content is required to drive traffic and support natural link building for websites. The CMS model we’ve created incorporates key facets into content creation such as keywords/tagging, tiny URLs, descriptive titles and descriptions, mobile-responsive design, and custom meta-text for social sharing to optimize SEO for content marketing sites.
Let’s Get Analytical The insight to know what your users want to read or are most interested in is free power derived from analytics. Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and the level of engagement provides content managers and understanding of what users are doing, how they are consuming information, what topics are most popular as they come into the site as well as what information is leaving the site via social sharing and other types of interactions allows you to tailor your content to drive engagement.

Real-time metrics allow us to understand what types of content: by region, by country, by specific target audience is most accepted and popular, as well as the measuring engagement level. We collaborate with our clients to define custom KPIs and tracking analytics to shape their content deployment model and have created a standard base set of KPIs that are consistent with our CMS tools and front-end navigation to empower content managers to navigate the endless waves of metrics and data that are available.

Regional Relevance Often times, content is developed for a single target audience and their user characteristics and behaviors are already known. But for business groups with a global reach, it is pertinent to create content that is developed for and by multiple regions to align with regional variance. Using custom management tools that span regional and global requirements, our CMS model and deployment data help users to optimize continuous content production where content managers can develop relevant stories that meet identified country and region needs based on strategic editorial topics.

From global promotions, to regional trends, and even localized/translated content, effective content marketing strategies tap into regional market knowledge and empowers local content execution on a global scale. We’ve built a CMS that makes it easy for anyone to curate, post, and manage content. In our approach, the first step we took was to extract all of the content relative to the region by creating a tagging architecture. As a content manager, it is important to work with key individuals within each region to identify central pieces of content, as well as curate content prevalent to countries and target areas within each region.

Case Study: The Cisco Network

Design Reactor worked with Cisco’s marketing group to create a network that distributes engaging stories through organic content and programming methods to promote awareness of topics, trends and technologies across the major global regions: EMEAR, APJC, and Americas. Covering noteworthy topics such as internet of everything, cloud, thought leadership,and market trends, the Cisco Network capitalizes on our ‘bottoms-up’ strategy that publishes relevant content at the local level.
The Cisco Network has been recognized in industry awards for content marketing and overall site strategy, most recently including the Summit Emerging Media Awards and the Omni.

Publishing Power Once you have your content marketing strategy set-up and CMS tools in place, content managers will be more likely to create more content for your site because it’s simply easier. The lifeblood of your site is having the ability to execute ongoing content marketing, and consistently publish current, powerful, and relevant pieces of content.

Our goal is to help you create a robust site, and with the proper publishing capabilities and content management functionalities the power is all yours. Editorial teams that consistently update their content on a regular basis grant business groups a more vibrant, active website with an emphasis on new, fresh, relevant content. With marketing teams, the pushing of content can become critical and timely for the audience to view and engage, so we accommodate these crucial needs essentially transforming publishing into a new form of marketing.

Promote and Socialize Participating in social media sharing and promotion on other channels will increase traffic to your site from the content you’re sharing. Relevant, thought-provoking, entertaining and educational content will entice other sites to link to your content, resulting in highly valued connections with better conversion rates. Our CMS model incorporates social networks into your site and management capabilities through publishing tools that provide outlets for sharing and engaging with content through the top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, and also provides a built-in commenting platform to encourage users to interact with the site and again, drive engagement.

When using particular social networks, it is important to take advantage of additional functionalities outside of let’s say ‘tweeting’; concepts such as using specific hashtags that relate to the topics or trends expressed in your content and customizing twitter sharing meta-text is important for SEO and more streamlined socialization. They key to success digital socialization is not to broadcast ‘all things’ but rather provide strong insight into what you’re broadcasting and why you are broadcasting it.

An Iterative, Repeatable Process

Our digital content marketing strategy combines multiple key marketing tactics into one overall solution. Today, most companies look at PR, Social Media, and Content Marketing as a means to forcefully broadcast everything they have in their arsenal (absolutely everything); as opposed to thoughtfully creating a strategy behind who (audience), what (content), and how often (frequency) they are broadcasting.

When smart marketing meets powerful content, your content marketing strategy will become a well-oiled machine providing a consistent, ongoing of valuable information. The goal of continuous content deployment is developing a long-term, continuous engagement with your audience.

By creating an end-to-end process for the creation, management, and distribution of content, content managers can maintain an effective content marketing campaign that supports business goals and objectives while providing an intuitive website that’s fast and simple for the end user to search for and engage with the content they want, anytime and anywhere.

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