Sales Enablement Tools: A Digital Playbook

Go on the Offense and Be Your Own Playmaker
Marshall Rollins
sept 19,2015
In order to move a sales opportunity forward, it is quintessential that any and all sales-associated personnel are able to present the appropriate information to key stakeholders in the right place- at the right time- in the right format. Coaches, staff analysts, offensive and defensive specialists alike time and time again are searching for the ever changing, ever elusive, perfect play on the field - and there is no better way to achieve the perfect play on the sales field than empowering and educating sales representatives with a sales enablement program to make every move as seamless and beneficial as possible to the company’s business objectives.

According to Forrester Research, “sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer’s problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.” In order to create and nurture the ongoing process necessary for sales enablement in our digital world, an engaging mobile app that return on investment. Client-facing doesn’t mean just sales representatives, though they are pivotal in the equation, but also includes marketers, business development teams, executives, customer support and service reps too. By implementing a sales enablement program that is easily accessible and cleverly built, you can streamline the sales enablement process and increase overall business efficiencies.

All of these people and groups communicate directly with potential and current customer, and reflexively have an impact on your organization’s ability to drive and maintain revenue and business opportunities. According to research, 86% of sales managers investing in digital applications and tools will enhance job performance. by leveraging mobile devices, you’re placing a digital sales enablement program into each of your employees hands with anytime, anywhere access to facilitate anytime, anywhere sales pitches, lead generation, deals etc.

Millennials are estimated to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, with an ‘always-on’ lifestyle, a sales enablement app will not only make employees more productive from engagement to engagement by meeting their preference to consume content on the go, but also to be in-touch with the most up-to-date information, data, and specs. By leveraging 21st-century technology and mobile devices as part of your sales enablement program, you will be providing your organization with a competitive advantage with branded applications for on-boarding, training, nurturing, increasing sales, and relationship building your customers.

A sales enablement app will help you keep your key players informed and well ‘equipped’ with a home-field advantage, even on-the-go, allowing your organization to provide a level of customer experience that brings home a victory.

5 “Play Calls” of an Effective Sale Enablement Tool

  1. Powerful Content Content comes through a sales enablement program in many different facets, all designed to further inform, educate, and empower your business groups.
    • Static content is content that does not change over time and gives users instant access to important collateral to save them time and boost productivity. Content such as training materials, tutorials and quick-reference guides can also be used as self-study resources allow your users to continually learn and engage.
    • Dynamic content supplements static content by providing price or time-sensitive and continually changing information as up-to-date as possible. Content such as press releases, events, pricing structures, ongoing training etc., further round-out the richness of your sales enablement program to deliver on-time, reliable information.
  2. Interactive Components Interactive elements that encourage employees to participate in and be continual active in your program, will help drive success. With features like a peer-to-peer discussion forum, sharing of information will lead to best practice iterations. A commenting, feedback or rating platform will help you crowdsource ideas and valuable information from the people that benefit the most from a sales enablement application, the users. With instant feedback you will help grow your platform and drive enablement content.
  3. Simulators and Modules Modules that help users practice and develop their skills quickly and or over time can greatly enhance your sales enablement program. With video tutorials, skill-building workshops, or online courses embedded into your mobile app, your employees will surely become the most trusted advisor for handling your customer experience cycle.
  4. Tracking and Reporting It’s all in the numbers. A key element of any mobile or online product these days is setting in place the proper Key Performance Indicators that identify you business objectives requirements for achieving and measuring success. With built-in tracking and reporting tools, you will understand what tools, products, or features are getting the most traffic and leverage, enabling you to iterate and implement new or enhance components of your sales enablement program and mobile app.
  5. Real-time Communications News feeds and alerts that disseminate critical or time-sensitive information to your users help keep the ball rolling and the entire team on the same page. You can create your own custom alerts track to push important or sometimes urgent content and updates to your users that impact business relationships, sales cycles, trending news etc. Another great way of incorporating industry news, is though integration with key social channels or custom feeds that keep your users alert, entertained and alert with talking points and need-to-know information.

A Home Field Advantage: Improve Overall Business Practices

A sales enablement app will help you keep your key players informed and well ‘equipped’ with a home-field advantage, even on-the-go, allowing your organization to provide a level of customer experience that brings home a victory. With digital content and mobile access, we’re bridging traditionally stagnant and difficult to access information with an easy-to-use, quick-to-consume, reliable mobile app that allows your marketing and sales groups to go beyond lead generation and focus on sales enablement to create a richer experience for consumer and business objectives.

With the right information readily accessible at the user’s fingertips, employees can reference up-to-date, on-brand corporate information, collateral, and marketing materials anytime, anywhere. Other touchpoints include:
  • Accelerated training and onboarding programs that equip your team players with the right tools to make informed contributions to your organization’s overall success.
  • Readily available and processed information that allows proper alignment of selling content for each stage of your selling cycle (prospecting, qualify, pitch, close, field communications etc).
  • Empowering executives, global teams, partners, sales reps, marketing gurus etc., to become more effective sales people and mobilizing your digital initiatives for a ‘connected’ workforce.
  • Instant feedback to help you assess and understand what’s working and what’s not working, so that you may take progressive actions to continue to drive your sales enablement program.

Case Study: Cisco IoE Software Platform and Services

In support of Cisco’s sales enablement program, we partnered with internal Cisco teams to create a microsite devoted to the education, nurturing, and selling of Cisco’s Internet of Everything Platform and Services offerings. The three critical stages of the microsite focused on the sales enablement programs initiatives to: 1) Educate users on ‘why’ the platform is beneficial to the customer and how to tap into new buyers, budgets and markets, 2) Create relevance and increase buyer adoption through customer facing presentations, and 3) Provide all marketing, collateral, and data sheets necessary to close deals.

With an intuitive UI and a repository of useful content, training tools, selling resources, training programs and so on, the Cisco Sales website is a scalable and untapped platform for continuing and fostering the IoE sales enablement program, it’s users, and Cisco’ customers.

Creating ‘Utility’ Players: Increase Efficacy for Salespeople

Versatile employees who can readily communicate the organization's core values add substantial benefits. Being knowledgeable about all facets of your sales enablement program creates a cross-functional, ‘utility’ player. Whether you’re onboarding new hires, providing ongoing resources for existing team members, or implementing iterative changes across the board, engaging content increases relatability, relativity, and retention.

Access to content on-the-go multiplies these facets ten-fold. By supporting representatives with informative, engaging, up-to-date content and training tools, they will have more successful engagement with your customers and increase sales productivity, positively impacting successful sales conversions. Representatives can convert leads and close opportunities faster when they are on top of their game, allowing them to deliver on-message information to the right prospects at the right time.

In order for a sales enablement program to thrive, sales groups must be able to align more strategically to the buyer journey and communicate with each touchpoint. By mobilizing your sales enablement initiatives, sales representatives can make the most of the tools that can qualify and quantify the buyer’s behavior. Access to powerful tools like video, white papers, data sheets, presentations, and product demonstrations, all in one-centralized hub is a helpful and critical asset for live and in-person conversations.

Case Study: Google CSI App

Google worked with Design Reactor to create a sales mobile app for their Americas Customer Solutions and Innovations program. The Google CSI app, gives internal users a simple and immersive experience to learn and engage with sales enablement materials such as news feeds, videos, and downloads.
The three primary touchpoints of the Google CSI app are to: Learn, Get Informed, and Sell. Complete with training, a mobile leadership program, videos, industry news, selling guidelines and goals, users actively participate and utilize the app on a daily basis as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to provide a good customer experience for their plethora of stakeholders.

Score! Elevate the Customer Experience

Research indicates that 53% of a customer’s opinion of your organization stems from before the close of sale, creating a vast playing space for enhancing the customer experience from the beginning of the relationship and onward before the final handshake is even made. Any effort your sales enablement program can do to make the path to purchase as clear as possible for your consumer will help your topline. A positive customer experience can lead to faster adoption rates, more likely renewal, and increased recommendations, essentially converting your customers from ‘buyer’ to ‘fan’.

With a streamlined sales enablement mobile app, you are prepping, encouraging and enabling your representatives to guide the customer through their buyer journey with informational and relative touchpoints along the way. The customer will be receiving consistent, cohesive, and real-time information from any player on your team which in the end creates fully-equipped ‘fann’ to become your brand champion and for you to build a great customer experience cycle through your sales enablement program. Up your organization's selling odds and win more often!

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