Navigating the Sundance Film Festival
with the NCM Customer Experience
Mobile App

The Costomer Experience Company

Generating innovative customer exp
Design Reactor worked with NCM's marketing team to create a concierge service for their exclusive Sundance Film Festival event attendees mobile app to support the customer experience journey for their VIP event attendees By mapping the customer experience journey for the entire event, we created features to support all touchpoints for pre, durring and post-event activities.

Project Overview

NCM, the industry leader in cinema advertising, needed a mobile app to provide their event-attendees with pertinent event information. White glove service.
The mobile app provides strategic information for all segments of the Sundance Film Festival event hosted by NCM by sharing information throughout their stay in Park City Utah from arrival to departure ensuring information is readily accessible by the user. By using the mobile app, attendees literally have access to 'white glove' service in their hand anywhere, anytime, on any device.

In-app features allowed attendees to plan their trip (pre) by viewing local weather information and previewing the Sundance Film Guide nominees; enjoy daily activities (during) by checking on local activities and pre-scheduled events like exclusive concerts for some of the hottest bands and musicians; as well as finalize their itinerary when the event concludes (post) to ensure safe travels to and from the airport and check-in to their last meal before hitting the road. Access to local maps around Park City and suggested points of interest in the local area ensured constant access and connectivity for all participants.




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