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Design Reactor partnered with Avaya's strategic marketing group to build a sponsorship program and supporting microsite that closely aligned with their 'engagement' initiative. By closely examining and mapping the touchpoints along the customer experience journey, we were able to design and build a program that enabled internal resources to communicate, excite, and 'engage' fans, partners, employees, and clients about ongoing sponsorships and sponsorship opportunities with Avaya, Inc.

Project Overview

The key objective was to align current and relevant sponsorship announcements with powerful messaging to centralize content and focus on how Avaya’s sponsorship solutions integrate Avaya technology and its impact on the people and business they engage with.
Avaya engages in several sponsorship partnerships globally across industries such as Arts & Entertainment, Academia, Philanthropy, C-Level Engagements, and Sports. A critical component of each partnership is to provide thoughtful insights into each relationship highlighting new and ongoing achievements made possible through the power of Avaya's technologies and solutions. To achieve this goal, the program cultivates powerful and meaningful content relevant to each sponsorship engagement and the surrounding area which is managed through the Avaya Global Sponsorship site's continuous content deployment model keeping the site fresh and relevant. Through the sharing of powerful content, Avaya's strategic marketing group is able to provide compelling and consistent touchpoints across the customer experience journey.

Thorough examination and application of business objectives, allowed our team to capitalize on the objectives of design and functionality for the sponsorship site, review key sponsorship accounts and plan for ongoing digital activations, as well as build new and strengthen existing relationships. In order to create a more streamlined approach for managing the global sponsorship program, the team also created opportunities for new business by integrating the capability of accepting new and processing existing sponsorship applications, ultimately enabling both users and internal team members a simple interface to efficiently review the Avaya application process, submit a detailed application, and check on the status of existing application(s).




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